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Come post presidential election 2024...


long distance

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heil to the Wharton chief firebrand -

more worrisome than an ovarian cyst

every race, religion, nationality,
gender, creed, et cetera with impunity dissed

Das boot trump out-

(oust him to) Waterloo

Eagerly awaits you

the bully in the white house and true.

Whit that, yawl get a lucky strike
if ya keep yar show

as my Reince prescience foretells this poe

fur one quarter off hiz terminal daze starring down

(with bad medicine), thee ole scarecrow.


??? Thankfully, I'm not a royal heir

to the power monger hoarders???

which comb hen might handy when borders

hermetically sealed - per heil hit lore

caw zing a furor with his stark jumbo je lay bean orders.


I don't wanna don a duck dynasty outfit,

or that of a woodchucker but...holy mother f*cker

and kudos to any heckler,

who deems steam roller trump as a mean trucker.


Thus - for the umpteenth attempt to post

without any intention
to induce rabid reaction to roast

my(albeit scrawny just to be cheeky),

I rye America will burn like toast
the legacy of democracy
transparent as a ghost

if....mister money bags - to the finish line

of presidential electorate, he doth coast.


My anti Donald trump screed continues tut try

tip picture conjure pixelated stress less or more

(and preach to the choir)

out....out...get...life not death, he seems to ab hoar

ding dong Donald drake...out...of...here...

without...his security detail or...coat....of...

(Emperor wears no clothes) armor.


I will not condone political measures

from that mane lion kapo -

jabbering indiscretion.


Herewith follows a poem
(concatenated with above lines)
I dashed off in a huff - to douse

dat auld don trumpeting joie de vivre

fin de siecle utopia of yesteryear

puffin sewerage bilge -
strike n horror n ma eyes -

for opinion aye espouse

based on scary political fracas
and looming nightmare -


whar mo' will grouse

to obstruct trump access
to black keys to white house

that a looming presidential nightmare

doth not become real - gruff louse

he will crush sacred freedoms,

whence western civilization goes off bluff

analogous to a rabid cat terminating

the life of more'n Mickey Mouse.



a pipe dream that will never take shape.


Air ring ma thoughts - no matter aye ham

juiced one twenty first century mwm ape

serves as genuine s cape

to fly (during pitch black hours of night)

on his witch a ma call it...

to escape temporarily the cares and concerns

of an uncertain world,

where as an outlier from madding crowd I gape


at the sheer inanity

trumpeting strumpets donning an innate

prejudice and senselessness purr

blind faith toward self avowed demigod --

seize whore viz Caesar -

forever linkedin with maxim

Veni, Vedi, Vici - idolized statecraft motto

Trump perfects with his witch's brew he doth stir

his hair coiffed and puffed like it whir

wind blown kickstart ting mobs to stir

paying Deep Purple bodyguards
to evict ruckus-causing murmur

oh...how the masses will let this country

go to hell in handbasket -

blithely purging the Iran Nuclear Deal,

The Paris Climate Agreement

plus rack up stratospheric global debt

cause zing this one measly mortal male to fret

Boom, boom, boom gotta get get

that totalitarian rule will force every man,

woman and child to march....het

two...three...four, while the billionaire

turns a third blind eye speeds away
in his foo fighter jet

argh...heavens to Betsy Ross,

Condoleezza Rice, Nancy Reagan,

Barenaked Ladies, and Goo Goo Dolls,

how did the fickle finger of fate let

this pompousallergic
to law and order sowing,
loosing, and fomenting insurrection
crowdsourcing, wherever anarchy met

vacuums up majority votes
across world wide
quartered, (tattered), and webbed net

to finagle vox populi,


and groom hooligan nasty ruffian thugs

with smashed face as his smart pet

GoLong Daddy story short -

pondering my rental circumstance

will be upended if this ret

chad, evil, googly-eyed, gastronomic,

narcissistic bullish Don will set

the spark for world war three -

via gone ah re: ha...ha...ha...to all vet

tureens within the sea to shining cyber sea

American crucible melting pot -

with verbal whips,

whose invective blast sucker punching

DACA, and those

who strain to uphold economic backbone,

he does NOT STOP to undermine stoop labor,

which anonymous backs,
he bloodies via twittering whet

sone, unless....Katrina and the Waves, superman

or the Sabrina can oust him yet.

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