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Today in these tornado-like political winds of time

Here in America and the rest of this poor world

It is evident that liberation justice and equanimity

Have been swooped up and are gone with the

Blowing power-mongering oppressive winds

Of world leaders not seeming to give a damn:-

Ironically due to the centuries if not decades

Of struggling to achieve life liberty and justice

We have allowed bigoted oppressive deeds

To demise us in such a manner that we are now

Victims of apathy lost empathy and weak hope

With love and faith in danger of being gone 

With today’s bombing winds of oppression:-

The testing time is now my brothers and sisters

For us to re-shield ourselves with inspiring faith

Divine wisdom and guidance as we overcome

These present chilling winds of super-oppression

As we show the world how much we give a damn 

In our ensuring all freedom justice and equality:-


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Bragee says:

Only God can save us

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

As we follow His divine wisdom and guidance with undying faith and determination! Thanks, Bragee. ONE. Peace and Love.
Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

ONE, love_supreme. A different "Gone With The Wind" flashback on Our present situation. Thanks. Peace and Love.

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