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One generic baby boomer, (a garden variety sexagenarian)...



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offers his interpretation of critical race theory


I, (an articulate, charming, domesticated,
erudite, friendly, genteel, humorous, intelligent,
kind, learned, male, albeit modest – married)
with freshly clipped formerly gnarly toenails
discounts the popularized myth

encompassing world wide

webbed historical events

despite being taught Northern Europeans

owned preeminent supreme paradigm,

whereby hegemony instituted,

enforced, and blanketed

upon conquered peoples.


Blissful innocence shattered,
when nasty brutes across Atlantic Ocean

staked claim where

Nations of descendents

at least 15,000 years ago

possibly much earlier,

migrated from Asia via Beringia

and called their home

what eventually became United States.


Violence exerted to wrest control

and subdue native populations,

whose culture clubbed,

and ofttimes obliterated

from face of the Earth.


Lower Providence

public school curriculum

circa mid ninety sixties

to late ninety seventies

omitted teaching students

(case in point - yours truly)

about contemporaneous earthlings

grappling with business of livingsocial


buzzfeeding (courtesy fancy feast)

aside from hashtagged explorers
jackknifing indigenous tribes
kickstarting exploitation against

rightful owners of the land,

which usurpers against natives

dark shadows of former banished latter

to outer limits of twilight zone.


Self anointed discoverers

applied misnomer "Indians"

to bipedal hominids,

who originally occupied Turtle Island

unbeknownst to latter

frankenstein like mailer daemons

dwelt in subterranean psychic realm

wrought havoc upon rational landscape helm

at horrific tragic strewn source of catalepsy,

which near mortal blow took place

probably occurred at

mine boyhood happy hunting grounds

demesne named Glen Elm.


Think metaphorical collision course

induced straggling survivors who cried

foul, when foreigners credo, fiat,

and indeed latitudinal

manifest destiny linkedin
with eminent domain cruel fiends decried

wrought major genocide

lamentable attempt at war whoop

impossible mission to defeat

fortifications allowed, enabled

and provided secure place to whip hide,

(albeit unfairly) to seek

then snuff out aboriginal pure tin pride.


Analogous to violent upheaval

along major fault line shift

caused major emotional tectonic plate

to rent asunder and irrevocable seismic rift

and deliver sanity into Hades gate

seismic alteration (albeit metaphoric)

sheared apart major tectonic plate

Richter scale needle

absorbed mental quake shock


registered brain wave bereft

regarding annihilated state

igneous allusions equate

gray matter to liquid rock

existential catastrophe casus belli

of such egregious fate

now finds me here

experiencing writer’s block,

where creative juices cease to create.


The fount and receptacle of inventive wit

gives vent and voice to ply me craft

as I tried to capture elusive

ideas awkwardly fit

in some metrical schema

from out my literary sword and haft

with at least one eye on prize money

maybe even win title of laureate


showing true grin and grit

epitomizing my rather

iconic style dapper and daft

trademark genre ranked

by other in league with a nitwit

prompting me to ponder another draft

one more apropos

and more comfortable misfit.


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