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One thing that’s no lie:

We got to hold up

The banner until we die…


As Christmas—not their X-mas—approaches

My mind floats back to an ancestral gathering.

That Christmas, I shared with my ancestors

Something I had done that I thought was great;

They, in turn, said unto me, “Well done, Baby.”

“Just so that you know, we didn’t expect less

of you.”

“Look around and see all who paved the way

for you.”


Indeed, let us never forget those who paved

The crucified road to our resurrected liberty

That our birthing crosses would be overcome

As we likewise smooth out the pavement

For the celebrating ones to follow us onward:-


Thus, likewise, may this blessed Christmas be

For those traveling generations that are to be born

To pick up the ancestral banner just like you and me. 



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TEEDUB815 says:

The Truth. Blessings to All of Our Ancestors

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mlowe5 says:

ONE, love_supreme. Thanks. Peace and Love.
Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Indeed, TEEDUB815, blessings to All of Our Ancestors. ONE. Peace and Love.

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