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The Little Things (a wifey birthday situation..)



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Ode to the little things
The little things left unsaid
Like waking up in the morning
Rising and making up the bed
And she's already downstairs 
On some international conference call
Open the door and switch the light on
Found along the left side of the wall

Carefully bringing a hot cup of coffee
Wary not to step in front of her screen
One last look in her eyes before I go
Intently focused, yet calm and serene
There is a bag of trash by the door
Recyclables that need to go out too
Any last little thing I can manage
One less thing for her to do

And while I'm driving east on Rt 24
Eventually going west on I-78
She will call me on the Bluetooth
If her meeting doesn't run too late
And when I return in the afternoon
She's almost still in the same position
Headphones tilted a little to the side
I am checking out her condition

Is she stressed about something 
Or is she feeling some kind of way?
Maybe she needs a small glass of wine
Pinot Noir or Chardanay
And I will join her in a glass
Checking emails on my phone on the chair
No words needing to be spoken
She just wants me to be there

And there will be time enough to conversate
When she is all done with her meetings
She will finally rise from her chair
And we exchange proper greetings
Sometimes, I will try my hand at cooking
But she has such a particular taste
A few beef patties in the air fryer
They will never go to waste

And later another glass of wine
While she watches her reality TV
I am in my man cave area
Probably writing or editing some poetry
Retiring when the spirit hits us 
Slumbering to see what the new day brings
Another day of being with her
She so loves the little things

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mlowe5 says:

Wow! I felt as if I reading and feeling as if sitting here with a streaming of home. Beautiful, Newphanter! Indeed, the magnitude of those little things she loves! Thanks for sharing the happy tears. ONE. Peace and Love

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