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Twenty first century civilization gone?... I askew.



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Ah... what luxury to wax poetic
as freedom to trumpet thoughts,
ideas, emotions, et cetera will wane,
especially if president number forty five

courtesy wealth and/or stealth
dons the mantle as de facto fractious tyrant
of these United States

come November 5th, 2024

methinks perchance mankind always vain
n'er did appertain
moral hike polar opposite

from human being:
uncivil, unethical, unsocial, et cetera
minimally app proxy mating, neither didst
faithfully abide as citizen Kane
externally - nar main
ten an ounce, (asper atop figurative fain
faux shaw didst attain
"FAKE" horn o' manners), tolerance,
our predecessors didst abstain
nor internally between brain,

sans modest straight,
and ne'r did entertain
narrow true lofty salient tenet
absence of virtue tis no matter pray'n -
quite self evident, plain
as day, and vice gripped by
fratricide (or homicide
in general) endemic throughout
evolution of humanity dripping
nee gushing more'n


nah globule bloodstain,
viz more aptly bloodbath,
haply insinuated, embedded,
and accrued heart felt toehold gain
saying division among
caveman club rings animal hides
pelt did maintain
bare co-opted spirit hood
did micro reign
buzzfeed ding death,


via plenti did retain
aplomb murderous sprees kickstarter
thankfully guaranteeing (ha)
hardy internecine characteristic
kept in lock step with
proto humans enlightenment, qua
i.e. as earliest primates
acquired innate haughty

zealous apropos boastfulness
to ascend chain

of command anointing insane
lee flattering hashtag, re: (albeit ill fit
ting), yet utopian
appellation "noble savage,"
which inchoate bipedal hominids
(forerunners of Homo sapiens),
quickly dost wrought impertinent
sobriquet (by anonymous

simian "Einstein brain
child"), viz favored

killing one another
strove and still thrives,

since Adam and Eve,
for sport, but most
dramatically didst appear
purportedly, when Abel got slain by Cain
punctuated equilibrium lopping limb
and/or head off if one
didst dissent or complain
setting precedent for consanguineous
modern Roman Times

(font size twelve) brutish,
nasty, and short train
ning supposedly "civilized insubordinate"
Lorde foo fighting beastie boy

received fatal crackbrain

with imprimatur challenging authority,
sans grossly wading, brazen overstepping
circumscribed domain,
where thwack on noggin
determined, hence did explain
survival of fittest.

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

A profound rendering flow of the askew situation in this and those other nations.

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