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Goaled Digger


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He got heart because he sold his soul

Torn to pieces hes not whole

He got issues about putting his hands on poles

His mother been on one since he was 6 weeks old

Had no money so he stole now his hands grip the pole

Sneakers worn  all the way down to the soles

Stuck to the script he played his role

Hes so arrogant and hes so bold

Same old narrative they’ve always told

Now I hate to criticize or to scold

But how was he supposed to break the mold?

If all of your family tree got picked and sold

Tell me if your heart would be warm or cold

Now fast forward to the era of and rock and roll

His rough upbringing has begun to take a toll

No presents under the tree straight lumps of coal

Got his girl knocked up her stomach is swole

Dig his grave or dig deeper for his goals

Keep his eye on the prize  until he gets to the gold


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