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Grim reaper forever guaranteed eternal plentiful harvest



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the following written
for no particular rhyme nor reason
quite aware the exit (stage door left)
allows, enables, to provide every season
with a bumper crop of dead souls.


many mortals beseechingly
lift up their hands
in supplication and inquire
omnipotent omniscient force

and ask why

since the dawn of civilization

humans dream up schemes to try

and sidestep unavoidable death,
whereby each person
in the macroscopic scheme of things
lives infinitesimal time –
say the lifecycle of a mayfly
as compared/contrasted
with birth of the universe,
yet noone can defy

unstoppable process of senescence
and reincarnation into other matter.


no rival can outwit death
the latest craze constituting immortality
cryogenics will be tried
for the rich and famous
unlike one garden variety married man
a common joker biden his time
mortality of all will level

ever since origin of species
Homo sapiens took self pride
whence began the march of time

human beings sought futile efforts
to sell their soul

to the devil who never lied

for lame excuse being brought
into this tangled
webbed wide world with invisible twine

impossible to outwit death

no matter how far
one tries to run and hide

wrenched to underworld
of Hades forced
across river Styx foul breath

from decomposition per billions
of homo sapiens that died.


intrepid souls stymied with infinite jest

by devising laughable escape
regarding these lovely
bones and flesh to divest
from nada one knotted loophole

tied by supreme hands and very best

no nonsense, but
to acquire every singular soul


financially straightened budget
necessitates yours truly
without undo extravagance fussed
on me, a pragmatist

to stockpile skull and cross bones,
which eventually turn to dust

enriching cadre from those
who trod across
boulevard of broken dream

capitalizing on those blessed
with booming fortune before going bust

joining rank and file of countless
anonymous graveyards silently scream


the massed voices
who felt the fate of uninvited curse

once living in the green day of glory

before their existence rent asunder
taken under by driverless hearse

and subsequent devilish quarry


further contributing to the complex edifice
seen only by the dead

patrolled by Lucifer
for those who believe

against atheism and diet of worms
extremely well fed

those lives lost and once
whose kin did grieve


from sorrowful plight
departing with sweet sorrows rife
with natural fear of corporeal cessation
whether prematurely or
at some ripe old age

pitting impatient burgomaster
stealer of life

whereby surviving kith pay homage
on specific date of calendar page

aware that netherland awaits
without bugles nor fife.

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