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lightness in the dark
If you're reading this you're it, get with it stay with it don't quit.

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A Lifelong Effect



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there's always damage after the pain wreckage after the crash dibri after the bomb blast there's always remains scattered time wasted shattered crushed from the blow shaken from the impact heartache from heartbreak tragic memories traumatizing experiences trigger responses holding on to excess baggage unnecessary cargo escapism escaping reality by means of virtual reality alcohol drugs multiple sources of addictive behaviors and behavioral health issues life leaves a mark a stain a blemish and permanent scars that come in all shapes and sizes after damage is done its a natural part healing no one ever said the journey would be a walk in the park existence can leave an unpleasant imprint we shouldn't block it out bottle it up hide a tragic past behind a mask display self destructive behavior cause harm to someone nor leave destruction in our wake when worse comes to worse the best we can do is do our best to leave a lasting impact to better serve the future generations to come

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mlowe5 says:

Indeed! Indeed! Indeed! Beautiful! Let's continue doing our best---Impacting! Another great awareness write, Immortal Wize. Thanks. ONE. Peace and Love.

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