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Nikki Said To Me



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she said it to me
quite some time ago
when I was told to revere Paul
to eat lots of cherries 
chopped down the tree just for my benefit
and to also worship father Abraham

(not the one from the old testament, mind you...)
to stand
and not kneel in protest
in rigid military 
classroom formation
faithfully pledging allegiance to the flag
every morning
Nikki said it
but it was always explained to me by
the newspaper head shots
and the two-second interviews

(heavily edited for my entertainment and educational pleasure...)
that she was a liar
that the big man heading the vacuum sales force 
a staff of dancing puppets
blind men in blue
who eagerly
relentlessly pursued the big
black boys
beat them
huffed and puffed and
blew their brains in
just so that I could clearly see that they were evil
and that the smiling sets of 
sparkling white dentures 
reporting it to me in the news
writing about it in the papers each morning

(in white and black...)
are the true representatives of what
America really stood for
keeping America great
from that bad 'ol Nikki
dangerously pictured
with teeth clenched and fist raised
dangerously pictured
cross-legged in his chair 
and then there were the two-second 
heavily edited interviews with
and Stokely
and Eldridge

Nikki said it to me 
quite some time ago
but I didn't hear her voice
until just now

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mlowe5 says:

Believe it or not, in my years with SNCC, I (M. "Tex" Lowe) met these two Sisters, and Rap, Stoke;y, and I got to spend a lot of time together in our labor of love. Obviously, that was back in my younger days. Next month, if it is God's will, I'll turn 82! Continue to echo her voice, Newpanther, and know that future generations will indeed, be echoing yours! I am so proud of you! ONE. Peace and Love.

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