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Some 76 years ago when I was about 6 years old

I was taught, digested, understood—at that level–

The 23rd Psalm, and was told to ever remember it:-

To not just merely regurgitate it, but to believe it.

Throughout my childhood, I humbly and prayerfully did;

Always singing, “Yes, Jesus loves…Yes, Jesus loves me…

Yes, Jesus loves me…For the bible tells me so.”


Then came adulthood and the devastating challenges

That evil woes fostered upon us—as Ephesians eludes:

As if we were still children being  “...tossed to and fro,

Carried about with every wind of doctrine…[by demonic ones...

And [their] cunning craftness…—”  fueled with racist deception.


Aging indeed weakens the physical but we must ensure

Spirituality continues to mature to the point that we 

Can truly say, and livingly believe and know, that in life

As we sojourn through the valley of the shadows of death,

We need not fear; for God loves us and is with us all the way.


Thus, as we sit down at the table of faithful spirituality

With our heads anointed with the oil of hope, our cups

Running over with God’s liberating love, let us feast well;

And in giving thanks for God’s divine wisdom and guidance,

Let us continue to sojourn with our eyes stayed on the prize:-


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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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mlowe5 says:

Thanks,mlove_supreme. Please know that a lot of what I share is often inspired by your inspirational shares. ONE. Peace and Love.

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