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In the simplicity of the vote,

Here is what we need to note:

Let us make this simple for her;

Electing Biden also elects Kamala:-

In this age and time, let us do what

We need to do;

Hey, check it out; this is indeed within

Our purview! 

The Klan-backed reds know the score;

Let’s not let them split us like once before:-

Though I’m just a few days from eighty-two,

This old wisdom is still good today for you;

So go on and prepare for what you must do:- 

Now this may just sound like the poet that’s

Within me,

But the older I get, the more God seems to 

Enable me to see.


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mlowe5 says:

Thanks, love_supreme. So much work let to do. ONE. Peace and Love.

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