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don't wear black ties and tailz no more
nor do it sashay 'round Central Park in horse drawn carriages
like it used to back in the day
it don't chill 
in the penthouse of the Waldorf
or sun bathe in the nude 
at its private caribbean island

don't hang out no more 
til da break a dawn
at those $1,000-a-plate functions
and hop nob wit da white collar crowd

is the scent of a cool August breeze
after a late afternoon thundershower 
washes away the smell of the trash baking 
on the sidewalk for the past two weeks

it’s the smooth touch of her shoulders
and the sweet
unmistakable scent that only she has
or had
when she was with still with you

is the leftover fried whiting and grits on the stove
when all seven children have been fed
and you watch them nap on the bed 
in front of the 12 inch black and white TV
in the one bedroom of your apartment

there will be enough for dinner the next day
and you can't tell me
ain't poetry

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

ONE! Needed! Thanks for this uplifting and inspiring wrte, Newpanther. This is indeed poetry! ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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