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just different

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Every man, every mind...

Our men and sons are unemotionally ill

Using one side of the brain

The curse and not the gifts,

And no wonder they can't maintain

Their hate, their fate, so they let the trigger bust off

Their ego never go soft, and tears never drop


Playing games to help their physical love increase

Only to decrease when it gets too strong

His heart beating too long...

Boys don't get mature, they finally get some heart

Some joy, some sympathy, stuff they never had

That don't come wrapped in that brown paper bag,

And if you look hard, it's sad...

Because some men don't have what keeps them breathing

...A Heart *

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love_supreme says:

Wow, excellent write.

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Thorough29 says:

thank you so much

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mlowe5 says:

A deep, flowing emotional truth of so many of us whose hearts are yet to become the residents of love. A powerful share. Thanks, Thorough29. ONE. Peace and Love.

Newpanther says:

make it plain, sister!

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