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Leroy (Crack for Sale)



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Leroy put me down with the game

My first 8 ball a street scholarship in my pocket

You showed me how to rock it

Your council put it into capsules

Crack for sale you always said

Dope sells

When water won't

Leroy with a easy smile in a hard world

Serving human beings turned into fiends

Serving that 5 and dime get high

Cocaine crumbles for cash living for the blast that dont last

Hustlers deal death for diamonds 

Driving foreign cars through Ghetto graveyards living rented lives

Leroy had that sell out 

Leroy got taken out

Leroy got carried out

Leroy smile blessed his funeral tee-shirt

Gone Too Soon

Hustle Hard

On the back 

I see you when I get there Lee.....

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Newpanther says:

straight realness...
Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Doped, Coalhouse! Right on the money.....that's gone! ONE. Peace and Love.

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