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Daylight savings time more'n minute effect on me



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In 2024, daylight savings time will begin at two o'clock ante meridiem on Sunday, March tenth. That will mean losing an hour of precious sleep and moving the clocks (around your house, and sundry frequented places) forward one hour, though your cell phone, computer, and television plus other electronic devices will likely automatically adjust. The sun will appear to rise and set an hour later.


Father time evinces spectacular robustness despite weathering setback of countless finagling representation viz Chronos (/?kro?n?s, -o?s/; Greek: Χρ?νος, [k?rónos], "time"), also spelled Khronos or Chronus, is a personification of time in pre-Socratic philosophy and later literature. Chronos. Personification of time. Time Clipping Cupid's Wings (1694), by Pierre Mignard. Symbol.


Though crafted a few years back
jet lag effect affects yours truly
twice each year when schedules

within body electric

such as circadian rhythm

dislocate psyche

analogous to seismic shift

NOT attributed to global warming,
nor aeronautically bound sky high,

but linkedin to hour hand

on analog clock
set ahead or behind one hour.


Just about a bajillion moments ago

(from date/time

I wrote these words),
a dawning realization

arose within this sol son begat

from ma late mother

and (initial commencement
of this poem) while
then octogenarian widower father,
lived at Normandy Farms
Senior Community

in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

(he since passed away

October 7th, 2020)

oh... no nothing cat

tuss strophic, boot

merely the revelation,

how fist bumping dee clocks
an hour hand ahead

remembered by dat

dog gone refrain
spring ahead, and fall back,


this unemployed chap
doth down play eclat
attests that his quotidian rising
schedule minimally affected

holed up here

in Highland Manor named flat

roomy enough for thyself, the Missus,

and buzzfeed ding fruit flies

each approximately the size of a gnat

a minor nuisance, though tolerable

within this appealing habitat,


where minor inconvenience experienced

by this Schwenksville, Pennsylvania resident
cuz as a recipient

of social security disability

(social anxiety) this psyche didst get rent,
which fixed (unearned) income budgeted

and predominantly costs
of living money spent
hence no need to arise

bright tailed and bushy black eyed,

pea yon sought freedom akin


to folks camped out in a tent,
which exemption immunizes

this doodle ling middle aged

muddle brained chap subjected to ranting

courtesy early morning drivers,

who angrily, frenetically,

and splenetically rant and vent

thus, the tendency, piquancy, and lunacy

to twitter (for the Yardbirds),
and keep company

with night owls, who went

a hooting for all the world wide web

to hear, whence dawgs Bach

the exact number of hours, yet oblivious

to the tight rigorous
tenon mortised schedule

manned by Mister Clock,

essentially foisting on Bread Winners,

an abstract artificial construct spurring

madcap commuters

to scurry in the rat race,


lest tardiness could cost

more than paycheck

(to ap pier with permanent dock

hue ment aye shun),

an unwonted blot add hoc
king worry about getting canned -

i.e. on permanent furlough,

perhaps forced into a life of crime,

yet if caught...
wasting away in a jail cell


as warden turns the lock

one redeeming factor,

would offer opportunity to mock
management, and more pertinently

mandate to rock
and roll to the incessant muted,
rhyme without reasonable schlock
yet devastatingly loud tick tock

analogous to stir fries
noisily prepared in wok.

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