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To My Cross Bearing Students



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(To My Students In My Post-Retirement Hours Of Labors Of Love) 


Walking down the hall the other day,

I immediately turned around and went back—

All the pictures on the display board were those of Blacks.

All were or would soon be, beatified to be ebon saints;

Praise God! Forgiving me for my cross of complaints:-


Now, the next time I walk the Stations OF The Cross,

I’ll no longer have the weird feeling that I had gotten lost:-

No, from now on as I continue to walk in my healing faith,

It'll be seen an ebony-hued man helped Christ bear the cross’s weight.

What a profound faith lesson Simon of Cyrene reflected and taught;

An oppressed one serving oppressed Christ in his crucifixion walk:-


Praise God for the dreamer, the beloved Simon of Cyrene!

Who helped Christ carry the cross of God’s destined will!

Like Simon of Cyrene, who lived the message from above,

We also best serve God by serving others in labors of love:-


P.S.:  Hey, though we have many Houses of service,

         Our school remains just one beautiful Family!



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mlowe5 says:

ONE, love_supreme. Thanks. Peace and Love.

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