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Jesus On His Mind



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It was his plan
To wake up in that
Great gettin’ up mornin’
With his mind on Jesus
Just like he remembered the old saints
and swayin’
runnin’ up and down the aisles from
old wooden benches during revival week in his youth

It was his plan to start the new day
A day he had never seen before
manna from heaven
daily bread
As the preacher said
They was outta fish sammiches at the store
He would get one later
Smile on his face
Knees on the ground
Creating energy for the new day
like solar powered windmills
Sunshine through his winda

It was his plan
All right
To wake up and tell that ol' devil to
Go to hell
And take her with him
She vexed him so
That the first thing he thought of
Was not Jesus
Walking across the momentary stormy seas of his existence
Reaching out to him
his faith
facilitating a miracle indeed
she would be gone
so he could peacefully wake up
with Jesus
stayed on his mind

And he woke up
Without the lawd on his mind
Washing the night from his face and teeth
The ol' devil knew his routine
Coffee on the stove
He would have his communion
Not the warm blood of Jesus
Flowing through his veins
the hot brew
trying to warm his cold heart
And the last piece of rye bread
Not the broken body of Jesus
The one
He forgot to wake up to

Is another day
He thought to himself
It ain’t promised
But hoping Jesus would be there
Stayed on his mind
Overnight in his dreams
And not nightmares of her
Thunderstorms ending in time
Leaving a morning rainbow in its wake
With Jesus
Coming forth from the shadows

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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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mlowe5 says:

Profound! A beautiful flowing awareness canvas. Well done, my poet; well done. ONE. Peace and Love.

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