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Revelations (Just The Three Of Us)



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we sat there
tightly scattered in the living room on the fifth floor
champaign glasses at our lips
looking down at the world
admiring our creations
‘cause we created a good thing
just a short drive from our individual universes

we are

exchanging high fives and old stories
tales of things we did so long ago
and not so long ago

we are

three generations present
various ages
sitting in an apartment on the fifth floor
all present and accounted for
such a rare thing
and no one thought to capture the moment for posterity


the last book 
in the last days and time
when the gods all get together
one last time before the train comes
and conductor punches our tickets to the final destination

such a rare thing
all sitting together in one place
at one time
Sittin’ around a living room on the fifth floor
celebrating our deity
one last time

and nobody thought to capture the moment for posterity

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

No one but you. What a beautiful canvas. Great share. Thanks for inviting me to stop by. Enjoyed the visit. ONE. Peace and Love.

Newpanther says:

always welcome your wisdom, mentor

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Thanks. ONE. Peace and Love.

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