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Final Warning



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The devil been laying a lot of traps
& some of y’all are all entangled
If we don’t keep God commands
Then we’re no different than the fallen angles
Jews, gentiles, strangers, heathens
Praise God, he arranged the seasons
He gave us light and became a beacon                                                    & removed the spirit, whose name was legion

What’s the truth, when it’s full of filler
Your church sermons full of fluff
Ate the little book, it was sweet as honey  
made my belly bitter, but I ain’t full enough
2030 Christ pulling up …
& y’all about to miss the flight
With the false names, and the false claims
That y’all side got it right

We came on ships, not leaving on ‘em
Salvations for those believing on ‘em
Yasharahla (Israel) got a lot of problems
But ain’t nobody really speaking on ‘em
Like why, can’t we come together
& appoint the leaders like Moses did?
Bridge the gap so we can all cross
But it just shows where your focus is.
Follow God, Serve the people
Keep it righteous, deter the evil
For my brothers bring Armageddon
I’ll go to war, but prefer it peaceful      

I’m just here now to blow the trumpet
The bigger picture, they can’t seem to capture
I want his sheep know what’s coming
& I’m still waiting, haven’t seen the rapture…
Africa split, seen the fracture?
Don’t blame me, blame your Sr pastor
Receive the warning, it means disaster
is coming next then it’s greener pastures

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

So be the awareness. Yet better must come; least we fail to do what we must. Nice write.

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