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This Cup



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so I write
never asked for this cup to be passed to me

it's my turn to drink it's bitterness
its sweet nectar
depending on what day it is
who reads my poem
whose poem I read
and I will not criticize
your pain
your death 
your happiness
your ecstasy
same in verbiage
a different climax 
pain and/or pleasure

will your poem hold me in the wrinkled aftermaths
leave me
with loose change on the nightstand
sounds of your words
departing the front door
tires screeching from the driveway
down the road
never to be seen again

or is my poem
thumbs up from a poetic Caesar
or death in the dust 
last gasps of a poetic gladiator
or will your poem
leave me prostrate 
desert dazed
seeking the nearest oasis of pen and paper

I must continue this 
the jones
your poem laid on me
veins pulsating to write a poem for you

this cup
I drink in all of its bitterness
its sweet nectar
and pass it on to the next 
writer of poems

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Thanks for the spirited shared uplifting poetic drink! ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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