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Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight



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out of mind
out of sight
was what you said last night
as the light was turned off
and I walked away shackled in shameful handcuffs
skillfully placed when I wasn't looking

out of sight
was what we used to be
strutting our stuff across the stage
like when James Brown was all the rage
back in the day
we were the soul couple #1
but when the performance was done
the curtain came down
and no one called for an encore

out of mind
is what I was
and what I am today
walking past me without a word to say
and a cold look
penetrates my being
and what I'm seeing is
snow melting slowly
the uneven pavement
with last summer's trash
still piled up beside the gutter

out of sight
what I once felt for you has been packed
neatly stacked in a box
set lovingly in the far corner of my attic
some days
when you call me
inquiring as to
where I placed the key to the trunk
in which I stored what we once were
I pause before I speak
reminding myself that I did know you
once upon a time

out of mind
out of sight
one day
I will explain to the children this condition
fuzzy math
fuzzy addition
how one plus one 
should have been one
and then adding two more
get the same result when done
and it added up correctly
not too long ago

now the door is closed and locked for the night
and I drive away
streets light shining above and before me
as I accelerate to the acceptable speed limit
leaving yesterday in the rear view mirror
sounds of John Coltrane
replacing you
who had once been on my mind
once in my sight
once on my mind
once in my sight
and I never bothered to ask you
if I ever existed at all

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love_supreme says:


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mlowe5 says:

Deep. That door to the heart can only be opened from within. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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