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The God's Honest Truth



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I had to wise up over the years

there was a question I had rolling around inside of my head
like dice in a crap game
needing an answer
real bad

it took a lot of thought for me to seek out an authoritative source for the answer I needed

I hedged on asking the preacher
who would
sho nuff
quote me everything from
Genesis to Revelations
and leave me to ponder more questions than what I started out with

couldn't ask the politician
who would reach up into his cabinet
open a jar of canned speeches
and melt my ear drums with historic words and analysis
designed to dazzle
and unsatisfy

I even went to a neighbor
and got answers to questions
other than the one I needed an answer for
wondering how my question
my picture
and a myriad of solutions to my question
appeared the following morning in the local newspaper

so I am wiser today

I seek answers from
writers of poems
because they are not politically correct
and don't campaign for elected poet offices

they tell me
the pile of dog poo roasting in the grass of my backyard
is not a bed of exotic roses
but is exactly what I perceive it to be

I swallow the honesty of
writers of poems
straight up on the rocks
chase it with a shot of reality
and sarcasm

I seek my advice from
writer of poems
because I can go to a church and listen to sermons
any given Sunday morning
and still may not get what only a
writer of poems
can give me

the God's honest truth

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Beautiful! Humbling us all in the oneness of who we are. Thanks for the inspiration given me by you in my current attempt---as life's time waxes and mine wanes---to daily pen a fulfilling uplifting awareness and inspiration flow of the poetic word. Hey, as I daily read my Holy Books, I likewise daily read through PoetryVibe. and this is indeed, "...the God's honest truth! ONE, MY DEAR BROTHER. PEACE AND LOVE.

Mingoao says:

Aint that the truth. ! - Love your work . -Much Peace

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