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doxing on the internet
is malicious itent a
toxic violation reavealing 
personal information 
about indivisuals witout
their consent the 
object of the game 
is to put someone 
to shame far beyond 
capping bagging and 
battle rap the dissing 
the versus verses upon 
verses word for word 
play on words rhyme scheme
tripple threat double 
entendre disrespect
tit for tat clap back
it's worse than that
take Kendrick and Drake
for instance more 
then likely it's just
a public relation fake
beef publicity stunt 
Kendrick Lamar is a
mastermind and genius
when it comes to his
latest and greatest
creation sampling 
Teddy Pendergrass
1981 release 
"You're My Latest My
Greatest Inspiration"
in the "Euphoria"
intro denoting that
our opponents inspire 
us to beat them at their
own game in order to
gain advantage over
them the fire must be 
exstinguished but 
flammablabe liquid is
more explosive if the
end game is to annihilate


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mlowe5 says:

Wow. This somehow gave me a shot-back to the daily episodic doxing trial "reports"; i.e., "Don't want to arrest you; you could be the next president.." Thanks for the shot-back. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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