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A song for Tanya



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A tall drink of cool water

Stately statuesque

A mahogany model 

She blessed me with her presence

On Sunday afternoons

Her kiss was a velvet covered bomb

Exploding in my soul

A gentle touch made me lose composure

Tanya Stewart 

Her name became my daydream

A little boy lost in a womans love


I will stay if you want me to


I will stay if you want me to

Her witchy eyes measured the distance of my destiny

Her love set me free

A caged heart only sees bars

I had life to live

Tanya had life give

She gave it to the cancer in her breasts

Wiping a little boys tears

Go away little boy

Go away

The love of my life

Past away

I say her name to an empty room

Memory is a cruel teacher

Can you hear me

 A song for Tanya....

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Contest Winner  

The Immortal Wize says:

A Beautiful tribute to Tanya spoken in spirit and in truth I do hope she hears her song.

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Profoundly deep and beautiful! I can just see Tanya smiling away and enjoying this precious tribute. What a spirited and soulful keloid memory, Coalhouse. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE

Newpanther says:

felt that deeply, bruh...
Contest Winner  

Coalhouse says:

Thank you poets

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