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Carpe diem



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Way back when yours truly sought selfish succor courtesy extramarital liaisons (quite aghast and repentant at that mindset now), I dappled writing erotica an example of which follows, which aery mission constitutes insinuating erogenous pleasure within the mind ova female reader in general, and one lovely gal who experiences admiration reading missives of mine.

Carpe diem

Intent here = finagling, landing and rounding
into hot blooded, miniature, and two lipped port of Venus
mindfully, poetically, telepathically, and yearningly.


As pendulum swings within

infinite pit from the Alcatraz tower,

premature ejaculation occurs

man handled hand pumped power

I Noah goot an available pick cha right now

at this late er rather early sixth ninth hour

boot mebbe je ne sais quois

essence about me

can rise (from the following words)

like bread baked with yeast and flour

courtesy gently beseeching shy

Norwegian bachelor doth cower.


Time elapsed with silent tick tock

the following erotic fantasy

as tongue wagging whet dream

that found me little tower shock

absorbed within pubic hair

hard as the Prudential rock,

whereby no white cap

fast moving edifying stream

entering the port of clitoris

near twin labial lock

hoop fully provides a place

underneath prim and proper frock
of fictitious adulteress
named Hester Prynne

for my wienerschnitzel
to dock of flavor able toward

an average democratic .


Yours truly disinclined
to upset the status quo

anyway...for starters hello kitty,

and this hopefully
the start of a friendship

whereby seeds of life yield
White Lily Or relationship
that will blossom and grow

more valuable than

any amount of $ -- dough.


This pent up urge to fondle

one or both wonderful womanly teat
found a quixotic whim to meet
thru classifieds which offers
a common way to meet
imagining the outcome

of such of said delectable feat

but fearing the odds

twould be stacked way to high to beat.


Now let each of us

give reasonable rhyme to yell
billy me best not to stay idle

for exciting poetic talent doth well

up slumbering libidinal longings

this humble not so long fellow could tell

and just maybe coax ye

to bear thine chest for e'en just a spell
forsooth these to behold

an apt comparison to a flesh
born physiognomy portrayal

of mountains tipped with nipples

and that balm in the cleavage

of a wondrous pilsner

pheromone seasoned dell.


The erogenous clitoris awash

with for his -- mine --

oral meal to baste

the special elixirs -

ooh how this tongue

twould crave to nibble

upon the aureole and suckle
to drawn out milky paste

we can fondle, kiss and taste,

thence descending to the area

just a tad lower than thy waste.

I will try by hook or crook
to weasel my erectile prick

would strive to hook and exhaust itself

after getting a close up look
at each and every pubic covered cranny,

and moist warm and tasty nook
tasting the sweet nectar

my mouth already salivates

as my very late paternal grandfather

would markedly comment yum zuck.


This sexually celibate penile forced male

fancies feeling bodily heat
from you and maybe hold

his little flaccid
itty bitty teensy weensy

in one or t'other hand
(considered in my mind


somewhat insubstantial
in width, length, girth and breadth

and NOT so grand
at least compared and contrasted

with wish for larger male gonadal gland

yet nonetheless disease free, healthy,

copacetic, holistic, magnetic,

narcissistic, organic and caucasian

Trader Joe's whole foods brand)
which little circumsized

recently christened believe me

Uncle Seamus horny weiner,

whence gently caressed,

would magically transform


from a limp biscuit and begin

to expand with veins bulging
and popping and ready
to ready to spew forth

sought after seminal sticky contraband
thrust inside one or

t'other choice orifices cum will land.

Within carnal venal zone
thine trouser snake can speak

history spoken in soft whispery tone

across smartass telephone

hoping to hear ye pleasantly moan
orgasmic pangs of arousal

generating synchronized glottal groan
courtesy hardened bone.


No matter your religion, race or creed

gut wrenching flattery I promise to exceed,

I take a minor risk yes indeed

to communicate at greased lightning speed,

who -- contrary to any rumors --

does not smoke liquor nor drink weed.


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