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Silence reigns supreme in my reich


just different

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No don (except me)
doth trumpet within the aborted
barren reach of freedoms within expansive realm,
I annexed courtesy manifest destiny,
which peoples now inhabiting said jurisdiction
circumscribed by following coordinates -
Latitude: 40° 16' 22.20" N
Longitude: -75° 29' 29.39" W
and for better or worse

must abide by decrees
promulgation declared today May 21st, 2024,
whence Poet of Perkiomen Valley
issues proclamation,
regarding any living person
paying blind obedience
lest posse comitatus act enforced
otherwise Herr Harris
will bring to fore active duty personnel

to "execute the laws";
however, there be disagreement
over whether this language
may apply to troops used
in an advisory, support, disaster response,
or other homeland defense role,
as opposed to domestic law enforcement
to challenge aforesaid claims
which forthwith ownership of said territory

foremost allows, enables and provides
yours truly to enact legislation,
and especially restitution of comstock act
predicated upon due diligence
guaranteeing appropriation
of all and every rights affecting
master and slave

linkedin within said domain.

Welcome to the dictatorship
(er rather presidency)

of Putin diehard adherent.


Matter of fact, a favorite author of mine
crafted the following words of inspiration,

which evocation will help shed figurative light
on caricatures of terror reign as forty fifth president
targeted by political cartoonists,
but struggled to come up with an image that sticks.

In october 2016, Vanity Fair

made a video of four of its cartoonists—

Edward Sorel, Steve Brodner,

Philip Burke, and Robert Risko—

drawing Donald Trump.


They clearly enjoyed themselves,

exploring every aspect of his physique:

 his “girth,” the fact that

“there’s so much of him” (Burke);

the hair that “essentially closely a beret

flipped forward on his head” (Risko);

the eyes that show “greed, disdain” (Burke);

the “marvelously rat like” nose (Brodner);

the mouth a “sphincter muscle” (Risko);

the “sleazy” look (Sorel);

the facial features that resemble

“piss holes in the snow” (Brodner).

And now? How have artists and cartoonists

dealt with Trump since he became president?

We’ve seen cartoons of the orange

potus smooching Vladimir Putin

and groping the Statue of Liberty.

We’ve seen him drawn (by Barry Blitt

in The New Yorker) as a fat-assed golfer

driving balls into the White House.

We’ve seen him caricatured (by Pat Oliphant


for The Nib) as a preening SS officer

being heiled by Steve Bannon.

We’ve seen him portrayed

(by Signe Wilkinson of the Philadelphia

Daily News) linking arms

with a Confederate and a Nazi.

We’ve seen him depicted

(by Mike Luckovich
of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

as Jabba the Hutt, holding Lady Liberty in chains.
We’ve seen him represented (by Matt Wuerker
in Politico) as a kook in a straitjacket.
We’ve seen him rendered
(by Ann Telnaes of The Washington Post)
as a red-faced fathead sitting
on the toilet while he plots
to pull out of the Paris climate accord.


Putin (also fell prey

to his fair share of cartoonists)
not only as Vlad the Impaler reincarnate
(a notion in mind of at least one writer),
but also various and sundry other manifestations.


The self styled ruthless thug
classified as a voivode
(prince) of Wallachia
(part of modern Romania).


Surrounded by enemies
that included the Hungarians,
the Ottomans, his younger brother,
and Walachian nobility,
Vlad employed extremely
cruel gruesome measures
to inspire fear in those
who opposed him.


He earned his nickname
by impaling his enemies on stakes.


No argument Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
equals and invariably
will outrank Vlad the Impaler
the second son of Vlad Dracul
who became ruler of Wallachia in 1436.


Impossible mission to comprehend
propensity exhibiting characteristics
linkedin as impish, hellish, ghoulish... fiend
whereby pathological pretensions
besotted (punch drunk with delight)
to incinerate, eradicate, annihilate,
essentially to deplorably,
heinously, loathingly... interblend
all manner of atrocious, deleterious,
insidious, opprobrious, vicious... lend
ding his own vainglorious
trademark to offend

Homo sapiens who strive toward
repairing ruptures versus to rend
usurpation of life, liberty
and continuity of civilization to upend.


Worst nightmare scenario
unfolding before our collective eyes
Ukraine suffers blitzkrieg
Russian soldiers devastatingly
carpet bomb major metropolitan areas
civilian population suffers
major loss of innocent lives
linkedin with accompanied
psychological fallout, especially affecting
babies, children and youth.


All commands issued by autocratic monster
probably housed within secure bunker,
meanwhile countless thousands
or millions of battle fatigued people hunker
among ruins gingerly negotiating
their way thru rubble analogous to spelunker.


Though yours truly removed (think physically),
where chaos and pandemonium
run amuck and terror unruly,
overt rampant upheaval plagues
long established generations of Slavic peoples,
this commonplace American
experiences vicarious grief,
when tragedy viewed online
and/or television heart wrenching images
also evoke anger being
linkedin to most abominable, horrible,
reprehensible, creatures
that roamed the terrestrial firm

since time immemorial.

Major war crimes against humanity
necessitate urgent punishment,
if in fact such a global entity exists
to condemn and convict the incontestable tyrant,
yet never in the annals of twenty first century
geopolitical webbed zeitgeist

did self anointed sovereign

access nuclear weapons

to obliterate fellow Earthlings.

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