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The Wanting



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I  w a n t ~
to lick the butter
from your hands
             and drink the wine
that trickles from your lips
and sip your delicate elixir

        I want to touch
        your mouth

        or do you doubt my intent
                  or are you just spent
                               on definition . ?

Can I mix my soul with yours                                   and taste the kiss
                  upon your tongue
        and feel you in my skin
        like sweat in my pores

              I  b r e a t h e
              I breathe you in
        like the air
        you take for granted

Y e t  .  !
I feel You’re choking me
and know I can not breathe

        you know I can not be
                B l i n d e d  .  !

        into not seeing myself
        but for the reflection
                        on the floor
                of drizzled tears

I n s t i n c t s ~
mask the mask I wear

        deception dance
        along your sleeve
        in single file
        in order of the lie
t h a t   d r o p ~
of saltiness that wanders
              down your cheek
        is not a tear
        that I believe

                  in my stupor
                         in my daze
        I’m still clear enough
        to make my way
         your complicated maze
        you are a contradiction
        to the senses . !

Still ~
I want to kiss

your lipstick
painted purple lips

        I  want to caress
        your full and swollen hips

               that calls me slave
               that calls my name

               o u t   l o u d  . . !

               and is familiar
                    to my touch
                    I raised my head
        that’s perched between
        my tired hands

                               and peered
        between my matted hair

                                   L o c k s . !

        that fall like rain
        against my wetted face

        S t a i n e d  .  !

I gaze into a darkened daze

     y o u r   n a k e d n e s s

       the early dusk of fall

                  like a virgin
        that takes a lover
         for the first time

                  Y o u   C a l l   .   !

        b u t ~
        I refuse to hear

            and dare
             my body

    N o t   t o   L i s t e n


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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

What a battle of the will! Deep. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE

Mingoao says:

Sometimes love can be war, not with the object of your affections, but, with yourself, ! =Peace

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:


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