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I Can Breathe Again


just different

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I'm the only hell
my mama ever raised

        My sanity
        is my madness
        yet not in question

never knew the truth
so I couldn't lie

      don't fear death
   so I wouldn't hide

        I've been breaking bones
        and throwing stones  all my life

        One doesn't throw stones
        at empty trees

        expect fruit of wilted seeds


One can't bend on broken knees

                         nor does one pray
                    for wounded dreams

        t h e r e ' s   n o   c o u r a g e
                         w i t h o u t   f e a r

        no darkness
        without light

        no righteousness
                   without sin
        l o s e r s   s e l d o m   w i n

there are no rules of war
                  or rules in war
                        it's called

                        W A R . !


That's why in a  fight

                 If ever I get
     my hands or teeth
     on your nutsack

     Y o u   L o s e . !

ain't no runner up
    no second place

   no consolation prize

               It's warfare
               and I am war


this ain't no love story

second is just
first to lose . !

whomsoever employs
                       the most

        f u c k e d  u p

        d o d g y

        s l i m y

        i r r e v e r e n t

        u n d e r - h a n d e d

        v i l e   s h i t

                    W I N S . !

anyone who tells you
is just full of  s h i t

    I  c a n ’ t   b e  s a v e d  .  .  !

    I'm not looking for salvation
                 nor am I redemption
              don't want to be
              anyone's martyr

            nor I a saviour be

        I'm not afraid of Death
        and still not afraid
        to draw breath

         I   s o w   s e e d s ~
        I know would not grow

  j u s t   t o   s p i t e   t h e   g r o u n d

                    I hold my breath
                    untIl the end


S o    I   C a n   B r e a t h e   A g a i n



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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Let us breathe on! We may---at times---be short of breath, but we be as long as hell is hot in determination! Powerful, my Brother; Powerful! ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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