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Dance Upon My Grave


just different

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shall visit
my burial place


d a n c e ~
with grace
or condemnation

on my tombstone . .

fixed in dirt and ash
that tells the story

of The Griot
whose story this is . ?

        the very notion
        that this is all so wrong
                        and irreverent
                           and macabre

        make one wanna dance
        and dance
        and dance

D a n c e ~
not of an ending
but of a beginning

 set in the demise
of that which was
              but still is

I   c e l e b r a t e   l i f e

        I murdered death
        to live again

        and so I live
        beyond the end

D a n c e ~
in respect and celebration                                            of a life lived

w h a t e v e r                                           t h e   c o n t r i b u t i o n                                                                                                                           the world

        will never be the same
           no matter how small
                      a life was lived

the testament is
one was here . . !

               a n d

that meant something
even at the moment lived

j u s t ~
that presence was enough

        to earn the tribute
  the respect of a dance

w h e n   I   d i e ~

I wish for someone
to dance
upon my grave

        preferably a young lass
        scantily clad
        with nice tits
                 full hips
              sweet lips
         and a fat ass

        who shall call
        or curse my name

r e c o g n i s i n g   t h a t

                I was villain and hero
        mischief-maker and rogue

        good and evil
        I was friend and foe

               demon and saint
        I was power and pain

        I was flood of all floods
        and still I was rain

        hunger and thirst
        the last and the first

               famine and plenty
        the cure and the curse

        history and mystery
        myth, magic and lore

        I was evil of all evils
        and still I was more

i f   n o t   a l l   t h i s   b e   t r u e

        Still talk of me
        in dead of night
         on my tombstone
                dark and cold

        and chant for wisdom
        listen to my story told

no one shall ever know
of what is spoken

        I’ll tell of things
        I wished I’d done
        or had not done

        loves I’d lost
        and loves I’d won

        forgotten and remembered

I’d lived or wished to live
                     but never did

              the loves
              the lust
              the cravings

                     t h e   m u s t
o f   e v e r y   m o m e n t

               the pictures
               the paintings
               the songs
               the singing

               the truth
               the lies
                          I only lied
          ten thousand times

I   W a s   o f   W o m a n   B o r n

        so when I die

        d a n c e . .
        as Shiva danced
                   a Tandava

D a n c e   U p o n   My  G r a v e


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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

BEAUTIFUL! TO GOD BE THE GLORY, that I, soon 83, lived spiritually and poetically, to share some life with you. ONE, Mingoao. PEACE AND LOVE.

Mingoao says:

Thank you Brother, I appreciate the love, May peace find you, wherever you may be. -Stay Blessed

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

ONE, my BROTHER! Until called in, let us continue in the labor of love mission that the Creator has us here for. Remain blessed and be forever flooded with His divine wisdom and guidance. PEACE AND LOVE.

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