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genesis of thoughts


just different

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Harder to grasp than quick silver or loot
I rhetorically ask: wharf or doth spring n fall -
sum re: prickly nagging
pointed whims might seem moot
yet, the germ of an idea that takes root,

exhibits potential armed lance to live strong
when just a tender vulnerable pair a shoot.


Searching for source that gives rise
per process to enable Homo sapiens to think

this ace of spades poet digs shallow
sometimes forced to spelunk into crawl space

narrow n shallow, or shine laser focus
into a chasm while teetering on brink

hunting down gamesome prey – elusive

dodging cat walkers
whimsically slinking, doth out pace

yet this nerd ready with whorled wide net

to cap cha alive agile rat fink

hi go unseen quiet Asian optical mouse, a notion

gives this hardy fellow quite a chase

as if scurrying thru microcosmic burrow

of Manhattan skyscrapers at a blink,

said quarry i.e. arising whim of mine

likely to vanish without a trace

just as quick as mental cogs n wheels

generated such riveting foursquare link,

perchance connected prior
pondering n cranial place

or appear as random
non-sequitur conscious kink

easily distracting copious ability
to latch onto awesome fleeting
mind space/time continuum

inducing minor frustration
at inability dag nab bit,

(albeit painlessly) zinc

ma gumption shimmering
insight cognizant ability
likened to ode viz zit head
on Grecian urn vase

frieze depicting n'er evasively close

thought process lifespan
shorter than a wink,

via third eye blind round
as nickleback red hot chili pepper
burning down the crowded house awash
alacrity of notions
evince evanescent culture club

zipping like atom n the ant sized village people,

while I kneel forethought sought
like precious pink diamonds
ha, neurological nitwits
drive me comfortably numb
asia beatle browed face.

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