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The Devil is a Bad Man


just different

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I’ve been told
the devil is a bad man

                              but  .  .
he’s never lied to me

    neither has he
    promised me things
    c r u c i f i e d   m e

         nor cast me out            
             of his garden                                                                                                                                                                     

  h e ’ s   s h o w n   m e   t h i n g s                                                                                                                                                      taught me how to survive
                      how to stay alive
    he never once tried
    to drown me

                    set my  ass  on fire
        nor murder my first born
he never once punished me
for calling out his name

    nor did he ever asked me
                     to worship him

       or got mad when I didn’t

        I’ve been told
        the devil is a bad man

        but he never commanded me
                  to sacrifice my only son
                                  not one illness
                                       nor disease
        I can say
        he inflicted upon me
        he never visited upon me
              pestilence nor famine          
      j u s t   t o   p r o v e   a   p o i n t

I can’t remember
a single war or genocide

or committed in his name

he never
got all jealous and petty
                 and vindictive
    e x h i b i t i n g . .
    sociopathic tendencies
               running rampant
     with murderous intent
    nor did he ever
    take away my wealth
                       my health

f u c k e d   m y   l i f e   u p

asked me to do                                         f u c k e d  up  s h i t

just to test my loyalty


        all he ever showed me
                were possibilities
        and If I didn’t agree
        it was all good

        there was no retribution

        The devil
        never asked me fuh
                                 s h i t  .  !

he never asked me to praise him
build  s h i t  in his honour

              not one church
              nor synagogue

    it is said
    he was the first temptation
      and so began all our woes
             b u t  t h e  t r u t h  i s  .  .

           all he asked da woman

    i f  s h e   w a s   h u n g r y . ?

           The devil never judged me
           nor asked me to repent

           no torture
           no penitence
           no punishment

           He never made me a slave
                              nor his  b i t c h

           no one was ever lynched
           In the name of the devil

                     but it is said                                                                                      

T h e   D e v i l   i s   a   B a d   M a n


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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

A very thought-provoking pen. Deep! And it is also said that "Hunger is good---if it makes you work to satisfy it!" And it is further said that "Idle hands are the devil's workshop; idle lips...his mouthpiece." ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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