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Greetings From Sinaloa A Cartel Story



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Saludos desde Sinaloa! poner en la nariz! poner tus venas! Greetings from Sinaloa, put it up your nose, put it in your veins. Exhale grey smoke, we make country girls wash imaginary windows. We get you up in the morning with frosting for your nose. We put you to sleep with bedtime bars. Put it in your veins, tracks show black like the I-10 corridor, Corridos sing of Narco-legends in real time. Clean money resides with el Dinero Blanco in the register. She doesn't care who spends her, she doesn't care who folds her. Politicians make me Lucifer with their eyes dilated. Gringos ride the White Horse and play with the White Boy. Take vacations outside their minds with Hillbilly Get High. We are your dime bag priests in bathroom stall confessionals, vertically integrated professionals mixed cocaine with concrete and built the Miami skyline.... Saludas desde Sinaloa. Poner en la nariz! Poner en tus venas!

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mlowe5 says:

Esto es muy profundo. Gracias hermano! UNO. PAZ Y AMOR.

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