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As The Seasons Change


just different

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: As the seasons change :



Summer,… the essence of blooming flowers;

The nature of a woman’s power;

The maturity of things growing, life re’borning;

The beautiful shining you love to see in the morning;

The smells,… scents of cologne and perfume in the air;

Bakeries baking; cookers cooking;

And flied up men’s just looking;

At the women in the booty shorts and summer dresses;

Still thinking bout they lovers but not stressing;

Kids ages 18 and under having fun in the park;

Girls playing double dutch and boys balling till dark;

Babies on the toddler swings and slides;

Toddlers on the merry go round asking for one more ride;

Summer days so awesome and fun;

Use them, use them, till their done!



Fall comes around; colorful leaves on the ground;

People outside making large leaf piles;

2 favorite holidays,… Halloween and thanks giving;

Halloween is okay but thanks giving, who are you kidding;

The potato salad, pumpkin pie;

And grandmas famous, honey cooked turkey, you gotta give that a try;

So much love in the room for that one precious moment;

The one time you tell god thank you for being chosen;

Finally,… the end of the day comes, everything’s so quiet now;

You get yourself together for another day and another mile!



Winter now comes,… December is to fear;

Because now you have to prepare for the beginning of a new year;

Christmas time, it’s just you and the family;

Excited to unwrap the presents beneath the tree;

Daughter so excited for the new easy bake oven;

Sons wana play with the new baseball and mitten;

Your husbands present to you was that little puppy you’ve always wanted;

Now he has a family to and a house to be welcomed in;

Now you’re present to you’re husband doesn’t really matter;

Because all he really wanted was his lover, family and the joyful experience of true laughter;

Winters all over, now get ready for the spring;

To see angels dance and the birds begin to sing;




Spring,… here it comes, mid year has begun;

Time for easter and the bright and shininess if the sun;

Yay for everyone because the winters all over;

No more days getting colder and colder;

Easter comes, little kids so excited;

Wondering where the eggs are, where did mom hide it;

Jelly beans, kool-aid streams;

It’s all of what you imagined, all of what you dreamed;

The whole family reunited back together again;

Someone getting proposed to, another wedding begins;

Close your eyes or atleast make them dimmer;

Open them back, watch the sparkles and glitter;

Smiles on their faces because you did it again;

Now lay me down to sleep as the spring surely ends!




Tiquana Williams


Diamond p.



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love_supreme says:

Very nice!

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mlowe5 says:

Beautiful! Love this flowing canvassing. I experienced it all. Thanks for the share. One. Peace and Love.

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Coalhouse says:


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