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While happily engrossed riding stationary bicycle workout...


just different

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at Spring Valley Y.M.C.A. today June 25, 2024

My bad leaving passenger
front window wide opened
of our white 2020 Hyundai Elantra,
whereby any Tom, , or Harry

could easily have been perpetrator
and vanished without a trace

leaving a debacle in their wake

regarding filched, lifted,

plucked, et cetera up

the pocketbook or wallet
belonging to the missus.

I wanna acknowledge gratitude
toward that omniscient invisible entity
staving off any brazen soul
with enough chutzpah and moxie

to reach thru empty space
(perhaps setting off car alarm)

to snatch precious commodity.

A lesson learned in time
subsequently I craft

the following rhyme
without reason from

the ridonculous to the sublime
entertaining the anonymous
reader rabbit my motive prime

potential theft of personal property

belonging to the missus


mine former oblivious state sullied

with figurative dust and grime,

and I silently chastised myself

mentally calculating the fall out

but nevertheless blithely
shrugging off blessedness
subsequently becoming empowered

courtesy with braggadocio,

becoming a care free gambling man,

and banking on intervention

of heavenly messenger

counting lady luck to be resident

snug in my back pocket

at my beck and call
and if she unavailable well...

to ward off crooks and quade

teasing the whimsical notion

to waive safety measures
liberally dispensing access to mine riches
as beneficent nouveau riche


by deliberately courting theft,

bowing down in obeisance

to quate, test, worship

at the altar sans the divine powers
feeling indomitable freedom to smile

at the imaginary camera

against any malefactor to purloin

and say cheese

provolone to live forever,

hence check off being beholden to mortality,


thus exempt making a bucket list,

which loose translation

means I cheat death,
thwart or prevent being visited

courtesy egregious misdeeds

leaving billfold in plain sight

knowing no one

would dare swipe valuable money bag,
no matter nary one red cent

could be found on mine purse.


Call me MAD as a hatter,

but aside from being insouciant
with what me worry
Alfred E. Neuman attitude
I may as well put up a sign,

when keeping automobile parked
and windows rolled down

spelling out “Please help yourself”

to any valuables,
which potential loss of personal effects


can be consigned as a charity donation
and my voluntary

contribution to C.R.I.M.E.

an acronym spelling:



Ipso facto


subsequently invariably forcing me

to sacrifice myself as a punching bag,

whereby I get beaten sadistically

about the head and neck
courtesy some incredibly hulking giant,
(think Woody Allen)

then after being hammered to a bloody pulp

bequeathing these love bones

to one Doctor Victor Frankenstein,

who can still do wonders

with mine functional brain.


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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Interesting. In self-praising forgiveness, why move on to being ok with face-to-face generosity to those who have been criminally neglected concerning their needs? Think about it as you ride on. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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