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A Man

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A man on my street

Died this week

But no one cared

What a shame

He was different, wrong.

He didn't belong.

It came as not a shock to many

But as a mere anouncement

As if news of his death meant

Nothing to the people who lived next to his appartment

The cause of death was relativity unknown

But those who knew the unknown claimed

His death was desereved

All because he was gay

Because we live in a time

When a life style

Is a disease

He who does not please

Society is an abomination

Not worthy of care or consideration

Faced with isolation, loneliness

No one wanted to be around him, fearing being charged guilty by association

What we have progressed to

Where we accept only that which corresponds with our beliefs?

Yet, in this segregation we cause much pain and grief

To those who don't fit in.

We are the thieves of many scared souls;

But in judging them

Who judges us in doing that which we have no right to?

A man on my street

Died this week.

Yet no one cared.

He was different - wrong.

Since when did being different mean wrong?

Since when did hate become right?

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