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As I turn my body to the side, to glance over at the little alarm clock sitting on the nightstand.
I realize I have just one minute left.
Then I can wish for the one thing that I have recently started to long for.
The only thing that seems to be so far out of my reach…
There I go again, having the same continuous visions, conquering all my hopes and dreams.
Countless hours, minutes, and seconds wasted on the very thought of you.
When did this even happen?
When did I suddenly realize that you were everything that I have ever wanted?
When did despise become lust, love, adoration?
My days and nights have become plagued with the thoughts of holding, tasting, and cherishing you.
Not being with you frustrates me to the point of tears.
My emotions are on the mere edge at the very sight of you.
You are my drug; my new object of obsession.
I have become addicted and I fear there is no cure.
If you could only realize what you’re doing to me, I know you’d save me from myself.
I am not sure if it is the fear or my better judgment, which has kept you from this unknown truth.
I glance at the clock again.
Damnit! 11:11 I missed you again!
Does this mean I missed my chance with you as well?
Why do I let my fate be held within the hands of time? Is it because everything comes with time?
As I lay my head down to sleep,
here is hoping that I will catch it tomorrow, so you can finally be physically with me.
For now, I will momentarily go to a place that I know you will always be there waiting for me.
My secluded dreams...

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