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I once knew a grl by the name of angela, she..

she ws a pretty grl, top grad humerous grl,

angela worked at first national bank, stall number 3, as a bank teller,

as she was dedicated to her job she would defy the weather,

rain or sunshine

she'd be there at quarter to 9 to greet u with a smile,

i was taking out a business loan,

noticed angela wasnt the grl i'd known,

always wearing shades n scarfs to cover her face,

always after the weekend in the weeks begining days,

i set out to investigate,

what i found was that she had a her father...

who ws living with her, since he had a stroke she had to take care of him-even got him that "hitech" car,

he ddnt live with her monday to friday bt saterday to sunday he would come,

you'd hear shouting n crying over the sound of dogs barking at around one,

in the morning as he thought everybody was asleep n no1 would care,

but i was there,

told myself i was going to save her from her snare,

but i was too late..

she left a suicide note on her reply for our date,

i was an hour late...

from getting the message and arriving at the gate...

i once knew a grl named angela,

who was destined for more but her time got raced by fate,

now you can think an deliberate,

the feelings i had for her father...

pure torment and hate,

but couldn't do anything as he got rid

of the evidence,

cause i was an hour late........

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