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A Poem Named Short

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Succinctly I write, I’m also very cogent; instinctively I write, to be brief while potent; I may be quick but never irrelevant

Informed I write to be more precise: compacted I write to be concise

Deliberately I write, to give it more purpose: sometimes I write when agitated, but I’m never nervous

I write to compress my expanded mind; in short I write, to bring hope of sight to the blind

Like a tall glass of water, only half filled; always quenching minds, never does one drop get spilled

Tightly constructed and properly truncated, always straight to the point, while never understated

Abbreviated concepts in the proper context; I won’t belabor the point, I just move on to the next

In athletics it’s a detriment, to be kind of short; but poetry is a literary art, not a discriminating sport

I summarize each idea, it’s brevity I proclaim, I have an elevated stature, but short is my name

This poem is now over, I summarily report; I’m over six feet tall, but I can still be short


Just having a little fun!

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2b2b2 says:

Fantastic Flow bro!

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creamadacrop says:

Feeling the cadence on this one.

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