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8year old

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I see my lil cousin, being treated elegantly yet like a dummy.

Parents the pupperteers pulling the strings.

Making him perform their every task, wrappin him up in their grasp tightly like a mummy.

I wonder what he'd do with this mindset, imagine the typa things.

How he'd rebel, unlike the other kids sticking to go home and tell, he'd be there making the bully run like hell.

But that aint a possibility as its cartoons and cereal for him.

Still in trapped in a egg shell.

Unphased by what car and what rim.

He's driving in, he just wana be on my lap as I take the steering wheel, his hands ontopa mine, taking left turns and some to the right.

Only know how to read and write his own name.

A simple being, dozzing off when you switch the light.


and on and he's smile's brighter than the sun as its a new day and he got a new game.

Party at his crib, snack and drinks on the house, I'm tryna study science.

It's almost too good, how good he has it.

We could form an allience...with our age difference raising eyebrows twinkling the lashes.

If there was a time machine, I know where I woulda been for that period which was a hit.

Less homework, projects, assignments..just reading books where somehow the human and the monkey talk.

Where I wasn't judged by colour but by the mount of marbles.

Where I wasn't at the point where the system of life just harversts you like a wheat stalk.

Running around playing tag with the mates never getting in any troubles,.

Like dope cakes and alcohol.

Where I'd measure 135cm thinking I'm damn tall.

But back then I didn't have poetry, and all the things around me..

And I'm, like my lil cousin, yet to see what the future has to hold.

A confusing dream I had...of being an 8 year old

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