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"Thinking about you"

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... yesterday I was asked if I still loved you . i didn't respond because I wasn't really sure how to. I know deep inside my mind I still love you and want us back together... I think about you like a mother thinks about what she is cooking  for her family.. I think about you like hands think about making physical contact .. I think about you like a teacher thinks about what lesson she has give in class . I think about you ... I think about you like R&B thinks about making good music , and rappers think about their "hoes" ... I think about you like a paster thinks about his sermon for sunday morning ... I think about you  like I think about my birthday , and like I think about you like I think about  sitting with my friends at lunch... I miss you.  see my love  will never grow old for you , my body will never react the same to any other except you , my hands will never touch another the way I have touched you . my mind sometimes screams out you name , but yet I refuse to say it out loud because the only person who will hear me .. is myself. your love , gave me confidence in myself , it allowed me to be more open . you showed me things I couldnt see myself , you made me realize my true beauty was in my heart , and not just in my hips and thigs , not my legs , or my eyes. it's beyond that... the truth is .. I'm still thinking about you.....

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Wize Dom says:

Very, Very nice sentiments.

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neiqhh121 says:

Thank youu ! (:

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