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5 Minutes

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 Day 1
Can we talk?
Can we please talk?
I need to talk to you!
No not later, now!
I really need to talk to you now!!!
Well when will you have time???
You promise we can talk tomorrow?
OK, tomorrow.

Day 6
Do you have time to talk now?
You said tomorrow 5 days ago!!!
Can I please have 5 minutes of your time?
Just 5 minutes, PLEASE!!!
I really need to talk to you.
Yes it is important!
No I can’t wait until tomorrow!!!
I’m begging you!!!
Don’t walk away!!
Please don’t…

Day 9
I’m so alone
I have no one to talk to
I tried to tell them but no one would listen
I screamed til the silence hurt
But they just wouldn’t listen
I’m tired of this pain.
My head hurts.
God, please make this pain go away.
I’m tired of this loneliness.
Everyday I’m alone.
No one listens.
No one hears.
I scream,
I cry,
I shout
In silence
because no one listens.
No one hears.
I just want it to go away.
I want the pain to go away…

Day 10
Oh my GOD!!!!
Help!!! Somebody help!!!!
She’s on the floor!
She…she’s not breathing!!!!
Oh God no!!! PLEASE NO!!!
Why would she do this!?!?
Why didn’t she say something!?!?
What’s this in her hand?
         (A note reads)
5 minutes was all I needed.  

You couldn’t give me 5 minutes of your time.

You wouldn’t listen to me for 5 minutes.

Can you hear me now???

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