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"It rained last night"

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   It rained last night , and I know that you could hear my cries forcing into your ears.that banishment that you put me on followed my heart with disbelief all my life . you took the word LOVE and forcefully removed it with the word HATE. I screamed for you a thousand times but to you it was just wind blowing in the air. I could figure out why we shared the same blood , why the fetus of me had to be used so poorly . I just didn't understand why it wasn't okay for you to keep me. when you look in the mirror , LOOK AT ME ... LOOK  HOW HAPPY YOU WOULD HAVE MADE ME.  I KNOW YOU WERE THINKING OF KEEPING ME , BUT YOU CHOSE NOT TO. WHEN I GOT OLDER I CAME LOOKING FOR YOU , BUT ALL I FOUND WERE EMPTY ADDRESSES . I POURED OUT MY SOUL TO THE LOVE I THOUGHT YOU HAD FOR ME ... MOMMA LOOK AT ME !

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