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1am Ramblings From The Stoop

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 Palms still get sweaty everytime I see her
The butterflies in my stomach seem to multiply each year
Intellectually she’s stunning
I wished for a woman like her the first time I crossed paths with love
I knew she was the one from day one
I know it sounds crazy
But if you were standing in my shoes on the night I saw her smile you’d probably feel the same
I felt in tune with her spirit
Like we were together in a different space
A distant place
Ancient time
Finally reunited our souls combined
I want her to be my wife
If she was with me tonight
I’d give her the moon
Symbolizing her, the light of my life
And even on the nights she was blocked by the clouds
She always seemed to shine through someway somehow
Just another reason why I love her
I peeled back all fronts
Allowed her to see the real side of me
Heart on display along with all my insecurities
She took a long hard look
kissed my lips gently
and said “We all have flaws
and you still stand a King”
That night she took my heart…

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mute says:

Tell me about it homie! I know the feeling..

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Lady I.T. says:


2b2b2 says:

Magnificent, well done scribe!!!

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