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When I finally say I love you

Know the proclamation is not an attempt

At sweeping you off your feet I’ll simply be a man

Expressing to you exactly how I feel

The honest tongue and open thought

May magnify my hearts appeal

But please note in this moment

When I’m unapologetically me

When I lay my heart, my desires, Along with my pride at your feet

Know every word escaping my mouth

Is insured by my inner being

I say the phrase beyond a shadow of a doubt

Aware of all intent and meaning

Hoping you understand

That I’ll forever love you

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Lovelylady1 says:

Excellent my king!

after vision says:

my poet, 143 has been one of those things seen but not seen. i love how you brought it out

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Wize Dom says:

I could have said it better, you laid it down so, profound.

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