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A New Look on Life

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In solitude

 I stand and gaze upon the waters

  reminiscent reflections of lifes endeavors

 What I  now know

 contrast of what I thought I knew

 clearer my vision

  broader my mind

  Bolder I stride

  next move I fly

 confidence soaring high

  and kiss the sky's clouds

  Rise above extend my reach

  Look hard, look wide

 expand my seek

 Head up

 I am more than a conqueror,

  soaring high....lessons learned

  Expectations of desires fulfillments

  Knowledge not purchased,

 but greatly earned

 Soaring high

  new heights

 I feel breathless endeavours

  my air In and out I exhale

 looking up I'm already there

  Now I see from a different angle                                              

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Number3 says:

From different view we see the world better...Could read this every morning, Nyc one Tamara, Word Up

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TamaraD says:

Thank u Number3 feel free to read much as u like I love to hear that! May God Bless

PeaceSearcher says:

I love this, I have those feelings often. When you see a beautiful scenery you get lost for a few moments thinking about the deepest parts of life

TamaraD says:

Thank u so much PeaceSearcher!!!! Blessings

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