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just different

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It's been a long time since I really sat with onself to create

Here is why...

I was waiting for the pain to break

Yet still waiting

Is my muse shown only in happy times? 

With that,  who am I really helping?

That is NOT lifes story

I feel better when I can relate. But I wanted to hush the sadness,the

madness, the pain that crept in my life

Attempting to steal my Glory


Keeping me from ....me and I just didn't want to do what I  was created to. 

Many forms it takes,  attack after attack and I question as I crumble

Why me?  No fight in me I see

No left hook or jab would help me I was shook

Crowded negative all around me, No matter where I looked

My pencil stayed in it's cradle not fulfilling any purpose...just like me

Alast a revelation came to me so simple and clear one day

Atmonstphere change in the form of Feng Shui

Redecoration in the room in which I pray

There release of my creativity

Yea...It's been a long time life seems to get in the way

Yet my spiritual gift will always be in God's Eyes for me

Praying for guidance often, all the time, constantly

Pencil in hand...... time to spend my time more wisely.

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mrmelody7 says:

As you say want you smile for the camera this write very riveting and I see you not only know a lot about good writing but a lot about boxing too This is a knock out of a write no sparring here Great job

TamaraD says:

Thank You ver much for your comment…God Bless

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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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