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"The race for time"

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 Time is passing by like floats in a parade while our children dreams are being shattered by society's self-esteem...   A Counterfeit personality has set the population high like teardrops falling from an infant's eyes,after the  outburst of a cry....    WHERE can I find REFUGE from these walls of INSANITY ? while I escape the wrath of disaster and be rescued by  SERENITY ,  Can I soar on the wings of TRIUMPH or gallop on the legs of VICTORY ? Is there a place for rest or comfort for the sake of HUMANITY ?   Can my mind be set free from the shackles of history , while crippled thoughts evaporate,like waves that transquil from the raging sea......   Will I ever find the peace, that gives me a since of relief,or will my mind forever be in prison and give over to defeat.                                                

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