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'reality behind what's "real".'

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What you see.

What you hear.

What you feel.

When another views.

When another speaks.

When another touches...

Your heart feels.

Your mind fills.

Thoughts at the brim. Spilling.


Sanitys fading.

Knowledge is.

What it was.

In a previous class.

Where what you do hear is what you hear.

What you did see is what you see.

What you do feel is what you truly feel.


We suffer.

Tinted iris..

Faternal earplugs.


Cyborgs of the government.

Victims of society.

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Miss_chaniel says:

Just reality ..... Beautiful !!!

tretre says:

I really like this poem. I enjoy reading poems that makes me wonder. Beautiful Work. You never disappoint. Keep that pen movin Number3!

Number3 says:

Thank you as always, I will do so and im looking forward to yours...Word Up

Wordman21 says:

Nice, Nice write

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