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A Love Story

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By Samuel K. Byrd We welcomed you with love when you moved in the hood Showed you how we got down and stayed eatin good Hipped you to the game and all the we do And if you needed anything you know we’d come thru Had a problem with hoes, talk game wasn’t the best Stepped your game up now pullin hoes off breath Rockin plaids and corduroys when a first met ya Now silk, suede, and linen the only thing that touch ya Proved yourself to the hood on more than one occasion First out that box no matter what the situation Every in the hood felt you had they back Never guessed your would switch out like that Shoulda seen the coming, shoulda read the signs Forever on the scene but never did the crimes Always full of information with no first hand account And before would go down you would always cut out Had this you chilled with, but we ain’t trust the hoe Wondered what the *** you brang herround here fo Word on the street, her old man doing 5 to 10 And she was ***ing the D.A. before the went in Some s got suspicious, some didn’t wanna believe Old Houdini had a trick up his sleeve And even after the bust still no one wanted to admit it This turn number 1 witness from co-defendant Task force busted in and the drama ensued Not going without a fight, bussin at the boys in blue Willy took a shot to the arm, Rick one in the chest We taken nothing but head shot cause they all got vests Ski masks can’t cancel the blood once it started to flow s drunk off Grey Goose and adrenaline mixed with drow After the bullet stop flying and all the rounds was spent Rookie cop shot my man and claimed it was an accident Ghetto bird flying, neighbors want to see what’s up Yard filled with JSO, DEA, and unmarked trucks Shoved in the van thinking , a goddamn setup When I see that face, believe he’s getting wet up On the stand, the turned straight Nino Brown Making accusations like we the worst s in town Listening to his testimony started to make me sick All they got was guns, a few bags, and a couple of bricks The lawyer that we got cost a bout 20 stacks But if he can get a off we can make it back Trafficking and conspiracy, police need a warrant for that Illegal search and seizure, and that’s the end to that We dodged a bullet; now see if you can dodge one to Ya girls gonna need a black dress your mama will too I loved you , and that’s being real witcha I bet you never thought I’d be the one sent to kill ya

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Wize Dom says:

Damn! you killed it 4real, Keep on flowin

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